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Inclement Weather (2/18/21)


While we had hoped to be open today, unfortunately that is not possible for many reasons.

Our building was unfortunately on a grid that was left without power for multiple days.  The good news is we have power back, but along with that came some frozen pipes.  The water has been cleaned out, but repairs look like they will take until Monday to complete, leaving us without running water/restrooms.

Additionally, the lack of power led to a catastrophic failure on the boiler unit for the entire building/tower leaving us without heat for the foreseeable future.  We are trying to obtain as many space heaters as possilble so the office is habitable.

So, unfortunately, it is going to take some time to get back to our normal operating process.  However, we will persevere and ask for your patience and grace as we return to normal.  

We do so want to see all of our patients as soon as we can do so in a safe environment.  We ARE AVAILABLE either by phone, or via a VIDEO VISIT if you have any concerns about your children.

After Hours Calls


As we painfully learned during this cold snap and power outages, when our office loses power for an extended time, or the internet is disrupted, then our phone system does as well - leaving patients who call with a message that our phones are "busy".

If this does happen in the future, you can always reach our answering service directly at       817-753-0047

Virtual Visits

In light of coronavirus and social distancing, we are beginning to offer "virtual visits" with your doctor.  

If that is something you would like, please contact our office to set up a visit.

Please note, you will need GoogleDuo so that the physician can connect with you.

For more information, please see our Virtual Visits page.

Medication Dosing Charts


We have added a page with helpful charts for dosing guidelines for Tylenol and Advil/Motrin



World Class Physicians

All of our physicians are board certified pediatricians.  Please click to find more details on each of them.

Our practice is dedicated to providing excellent medical care from the newborn period through late adolescence.  We offer a family friendly atmosphere with a small-town practice mentality.  We truly believe we are caring for your future ... one child at a time. 

Our hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday.  Phones will be answered starting at 8:30.  Your calls will always be answered by a live person, except for when we are having staff development activities.

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